Video production


The following examples are of course only an excerpt from the many possibilities of a video production. I have selected an image video and two production videos for you to view.



Image Video

Almost all production techniques were used for this image video. The aim of this video is to illustrate the entire spectrum of the company in 1 minute.


From the creation of a script, the 3D modeling and animation of the building, the film recordings with editing and editing, the 2D animations, photography, self-spoken narration, specially produced music to the final combination of all content in an advertising clip.


However, this preview video here is without sound.
TOPvital - Image video





Production Video

This video vividly illustrates the hard and sweaty work of a glass artist.


The work process, which took a total of 2 hours, is summarized in this preview video in 1:35 minutes and without sound.


The final customer video has a length of 5 minutes, as requested by the customer, and is accompanied by self-produced music in addition to the production sounds.
Wertheimer Glaskunst - vase production





Production Video 2

In this video, the world's largest champagne glass was produced.


The working process, which took a total of over 2 days, is summarized in this preview video in 1 minute and without sound.


Artist: Charles Lowrie | Hawaii.
The glass has a height of over 2 meters and a capacity of 115 liters.


By the way:
The graphic on the blue glass ball in the middle of the glass was created by me.
Charles Lowrie - Champagne Glass