Professional audio production & sound design


What should not be missing in a professional multimedia production is the right background music and sound. For over 30 years I have been involved in mixed media, digital sound design and their processing. I produce individual sound collages, music and jingles for my projects.


I am happy to do the same for you!




electronic souvenirs

Audio-CD | Various Artists | 1997


Private project by Jens-Uwe Lange [ KEF ], Detlef Stahl [ AURAL ] & Uwe Fahm√ľller [ METACOM ]


  • Three tracks under the name "matacom"
  • Mastering in the recording studio
  • Cover & Label Design


CD is NOT available in stores !





Speaker Service

In addition to the audio productions in my own small recording studio, I can also provide you with my voice as a speaker and refine your productions with professionally recorded voice recordings.




Audio book

B/S/H - Bosch Siemens Haushaltsger√§te | M√ľnchen


In-house employee learning aid. Topic: Business Administration


  • Accompaniment of the voice recordings in the recording studio with an opera singer from Vienna
  • Production of 10 jingles to loosen up the "dry" topic
  • Combine jingles with voice recordings
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Final production of the audio CDs

Jingles & Voice Recordings

Jingle production (J), voice recordings (S) in the recording studio and background music (M) for multimedia projects


  • Kraft Foods | Bremen (J) (S)
  • B/S/H | M√ľnchen (J) (S)
  • Astarte | Karlsruhe (J)
  • rauch M√∂belwerke | Freudenberg (M)
  • ND-Technik | Faulbach (M)
  • TOPvital | Wertheim (M)