Bring your products to life


More than 360° animation

Impressive visual darts with 2D/3D techniques to enhance your product or brand. Here, for example, in a 32-second advertising clip (self-promotion). 3D modeling, rendering, and then combining with 2D animations, animated text, and graphics.









Design & Construction

3D - modeling

Modeling from simple 3D models to photorealistic representations.


In order to animate 3D models later in a time- and cost-saving way, low-Poligon models are needed. If you don't have them, I will also be happy to create simplified models of your products for you, or simplify existing models before the animation.





Photorealistic 3D modeling





2D/3D animation for cinema, PC and screens that fit in your pocket.


Impress with impressive content:


Appealing product/learning and image videos, advertising boards, commercials or social media posts. From simple 2D graphic animation to complex advertising clips.


Of course, I create all 2D graphics myself. Mainly as vectors, as these can be scaled into all sizes without loss and can be used unsellingly.






Animated user manual


Explanatory video

A frequently used area of application for animations is learning or product videos. With animations, they can also present very complex processes effectively and educationally. In the classroom, at trade fairs or all digital information systems.


Who likes to read pages of operating instructions? More appealing and precise are, as here, animated operating instructions.
Function of a tablet-PC-holder






Combination of techniques



In order to produce a descriptive advertising clip or explanatory video later, I create an appealing screen design and prepare all the individual animations. These can then be displayed finally, possibly synchronously with the narration text, separately or combined.


Do you also have products / processes that need explanation?






It would go beyond the scope of this website to present all areas of application and animation techniques.


Simply contact me free of charge and without obligation to find out which animation technique and visualization type is the right one for your project.