Arduino Camera Slider Project


With this DIY project, I fulfilled a wish. The development and in-house production of a camera slider. I implemented the programming with the Arduino programming language.


Main components: Arduino board (R3 Atmega328P), 3D shield (CNC control) and two motors (Nema 17) controllable via a display (20x4 LCD Module IIC I2C). Here are pictures of my pre-created 3D model from the development phase ...



Camera slider dimensions: approx. 90 x 10 x 17 cm | Functions: Journey A to B | Rotation 360° | Track object (trip A to B with rotation).
All functions are timed via the display and with acceleration.







Wertheim Castle - Graphics & 3D Model


Christmas bauble

High-quality produced Christmas baubles in various colours and designs. Printed with a graphic of Wertheim Castle created by me.




High-quality produced T-shirts in different colours. My Wertheim Castle graphic is printed in gold or white. I created the graphic in German, English and Russian.





Production Service

Of course, I can also create photos, graphics and 3D models for you and have them output on all available media. - no problem - I'll be happy to do that for you!




3D model lasered into glass

After creating the 3D model of Wertheim Castle, it was lasered into a glass block made of optical glass. Available in two dimensions: 80x50x50 cm and 200x150x100 cm. Other dimensions can also be realized.



Vector graphic lasered on glass

Another possibility is to laser a graphic onto the surface of glass. As a view example, a whisky tumbler.







Photo Book - "Forgotten World - Recognizing the Beautiful ..."


With about 200 photographs on 90 glossy pages in panorama format and an artistic view of nature, this photo book documents the beautiful side of the abandoned bunker and shooting ranges on the former military site in Wertheim am Main.



Photo book dimensions: approx. 28.5 x 18 x 2.5 cm | 90 pages: 300g glossy photo paper | Binding: Laporello Panoramic Binding








Individual holiday wishes











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